Napua Wang | Hawai’i Labor Relations Board
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About This Project

This identity mark was created for the Hawai’i Labor Relations Board, a unique department created with the mission to enforce and protect the rights of unionized public employees (state and county workers) and public unions. Its function is to organize, bargain, and collectively balance the employer’s rights to manage operations as provided by law and fairly and efficiently resolve labor disputes that arise between these parties. 

Because the identity which the Hawai‘i Labor Relations Board (HLRB) used previously was the Hawai‘i State seal, I wanted to borrow some of the symbols which the state seal uses to provide the HLRB a sense of continuity. By integrating these elements, this identity retains the history and authority of the state seal while creating its own distinct identity and emphasis.


Hawaiʻi Labor Relations Board Seal

Graphic Design